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North County San Diego Cash Flow Club was created to support the growing number of entrepreneurs & investors who read and love Robert Kiyosaki books and love creating cash flow.

CASHFLOW 101 is the entrepreneurial adult version of Monopoly. Actually, it’s like Monopoly on steroids. The board game simulates real-life experiences and opportunities by teaching what you need to do to create financial independence in your life (how to Get Out of the Rat Race) thru Business Ownership and/or Real Estate Investing.

You should join if you:
– Are passionate about generating passive income and attaining financial freedom
– Want to network with other positive, like-minded people
– Are interested in real estate, business and/or investing
– Want to help teach your family & loved ones the essentials of financial education
– Learn how to actually build a true retirement plan that is not based on “hope” or the stock market
– Want to have fun with us playing the CASHFLOW board game!

Even if you don’t meet all of the above criteria and are just curious, you are welcome to join us! There are no sales pitches and nothing for sale. This meetup is strictly about education and networking with like-minded investors. To your quality of life,